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We know our pests!
Find out more information here about pests that are common to the Northwest and we control them
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Protect your business!
Find out about the services we provide for local business, and why you can count on us!
Protect your reputation

Insect pests and wildlife are a serious problem when they are disturbing your place of business.  This is even more true when they are bothering your customers.  A single pest sighting can damage your business' reputation and affect your relationship with your customer!  In the healthcare and hospitality industries, pests can even pose health risks.  In restaurants and food processing facilities, a pest infestation can lead to fines from the Health Department which can eventually lead to closure of your establishment!  Insects may be small, but they can have a huge impact.

Professional & Discreet

• Special care must be taken when dealing with pests in the workplace, especially where you are providing service to your customers.  Eradicon Pest Management can provide you with professional pest management services, doing so discreetly so as not to disturb your customers.  We will work with your schedule, allowing business to flow as usual. 

• Depending upon your business, the building or facilities where you work has a unique layout and features, as well as specific maintenance needs.  Eradicon Pest Management understands this, and has experience with hidden issues that can arise in both small and large buildings.  We will assess your unique pest challenges, and determine the best way to eliminate infestations at their source and prevent future ones through continued maintenance.  Also, communication is very important!  We will let you know what our inspections have uncovered, what treatment plan we recommend, and any suggestions we have to prevent future infestations.

Eco-Friendly & Safe

From offices to schools, restaurants to hotels, our goal is to provide effective pest control while at the same time not exposing you, your staff, or your customers to harmful chemicals.  We are also dedicated to protecting the environment!  The pest control industry has come a long way, giving us access to eco-friendly products that are safe around people and have a low environmental impact.  We have an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program in which we implement these safe products in conjunction with other control methods.  This ensures that no harm will come to you or your customers, and that business will not be interrupted!

Health Care
...and many more!
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The best approach to keeping your workplace pest free is a proactive one.  Eradicon Pest Management offers monthly preventive maintenance programs to keep insects and rodents where they belong - outside!  That way you and your customers can continue business worry free.  Call us today for a free evaluation and quote!

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