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Pest Info

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We know our pests!
Find out more information here about pests that are common to the Northwest and how we control them


The Facts

Nothing detracts from the beauty of a well kept lawn than a bunch of ugly mole hills! This can be very frustrating for homeowners. Townsend's moles are the most common with velvety black fur and a pointed snout, and can grow to 8 or 9 inches. The Coast mole is similar in appearance but is only 6 or 7 inches in length. Both are found only in the Northwest. They can quickly plow through a lawn, digging tunnels at 15 feet or more per hour! They make a maze like system of connections, with surface tunnels mostly used for feeding, and deep tunnels used for traveling. About 90% of a mole's diet is earthworms, but they will eat other insects and grubs, and occasionally will feed on roots and plant bulbs. Moles work so hard that they eat their body weight in worms every day!

The Solution

There are many methods and home remedies for getting rid of moles that don't work and will only leave you more frustrated. Store bought baits and repellents do little if any good. We have many years of successfully getting rid of moles, using a variety of methods depending on your particular situation. Give us a call and let us know what problems you are having and we will determine the best solution for you!

Odorous house ants and pavement ants are the most common in the PDX area.  Find out more information on their behavior and about our approach to control them.

The recent resurgence of bed bugs may leave you sleeping with one eye open.  Learn why you can sleep worry free by choosing us to solve your bed bug infestation.

Most flying insects stay outside, but there are a number that have become household pests.  Learn about house flies, box elder bugs, and stink bugs here and how we control them.

Carpenter ants are them most common wood destroying insect here in the Pacific Northwest.  Find out how to identify them and learn about our approach to keeping them out of your home.

Flea eradication can be difficult for a homeowner using over the counter flea bombs.  Find out why our treatment methods provide more effective and consistent results.

Mice and rats can cause serious problems when they have made their way inside your home.  They require different methods to control for various reasons.  Find out why and learn how we use our experience to keep your house rodent free.  

We may think of birds as cute and innocent... That is until they make a nest in our home.  Learn more about how we can both evict and exclude birds from nesting or perching in unwanted areas.

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Even though german cockroaches aren't native to the Pacific Northwest, they are often brought in on packaged food items.  Find out more about their behavior and our methods to control them.

Spiders may be the king of creepy crawly and the source of many phobias.  These are definitely not something that you want in your house.  Learn about our approach to effective spider control. 

Any insect that can both fly and sting is something we definitely do not want anywhere near our home or family.  Find out about the most common stinging insects and how we keep them away.

Termites, powder post beetles and moisture ants are not very common, but an infestation can indicate a serious problem.  Learn how to identify them and about our control solutions.

Moths, beetles, weevils...  These aren't what we want to find when we open our kitchen cabinets.  Learn about the behavior of these insects and the best approach to eradication.

Wildlife can cause a lot of damage and be the vector of may diseases.  As licensed wildlife control operators, learn about common nuisance wildlife and about our eviction and exclusion solutions.

Moles are a thorn in a homeowners side when they begin to tear up a nicely manicured lawn.  Learn more about their behavior and why we are the choice for successful mole control.

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