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Our Approach

We know our pests!
Find out more information here about pests that are common to the Northwest and we control them
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Your local "go to" pest service!
Find out more about our approach to the pest management industry and why to choose us
Our Brand

No, we’re not talking about our cool company logo.  Our brand is our reputation.  We use every service call as an opportunity to build our reputation.  We try to stand out from the competition by providing old fashioned customer service with cutting edge products and treatment methods.  Just check out all of our 5-star reviews and hear what our customers have to say about us!


Our brand is the Northwest.  We are a local and family owned pest management service that is in tune with Northwest pest issues.  We enjoy working with local companies and try to maintain a sense of community.  We have a solid base of customers in both Washington and Oregon.  From dealing with the odorous house ant or box elder bug common to our area, to evicting Northwest wildlife from your home, we know how to keep our PDX customers pest free.

Our Team

Everyone on our team is committed to the same goal:  building our reputation through great work and excellent customer service.  All of us here at Eradicon love what we do and really enjoy using our experience to solve your pest issues.  We are all professionals, but we are also down to earth. 


We have a team of highly trained and certified technicians that have exceeded all of the state licensing requirements in both Washington and Oregon.  Our technicians are polite and will respect your home and property.  We have a fleet of vehicles that are clean and presentable, and they will look dignified pulling into your property.  From scheduling your appointment to servicing your property, our team is friendly and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you had a great experience with us.

Our Approach

When we take on a job and promise to get rid of you pest issue, it’s serious business!  We know you put your trust in us to solve your problem, and we feel personally responsible to do everything within our means to make sure it’s taken care of.  That’s why we guarantee our work and try to do it right the first time!  What incentive would we have to do a good job if we were charging for follow up treatments?


Other pest control companies have made our industry look bad.  They have no pricing available for their customers to see and they will make you call them for a quote.  This is so they can send out a salesmen that will use scare tactics to try to make you sign a monthly contract.  Although a monthly or quarterly service may be helpful, it may not fit your needs or budget.


We stand out from the competition because of our fair and transparent pricing which is all available for our customers to browse here on our website.  If you don’t need a recurring monthly or quarterly service, we have contract free services, and we provide guarantees on all of our treatments.  We will never try to upsell you when we are on your property.  We will give you our honest opinion of your pest issue, and are even willing to come take a look at no charge if you are unsure of what you have.  We value your trust and won’t try to sell you a service that you don’t need.


Why do we approach the pest management industry this way?  Because all of us are consumers as well, and these are all important things we take into account when purchasing products and services.  We want to know how much we are paying and what we are paying for.  We also want our needs addressed with concern, and our problems resolved knowing that we are covered if they return.  That’s why we have built our business on these simple but solid pillars of customer service.

Our Commitment to Protecting the Environment

The pest management industry has come a long way.  With new technology and safer products, there is no need to expose your family and pets to harmful chemicals in order to solve your pest issue.  We make sure that the products we use are environmentally friendly and pose no risk to your loved ones.  Many companies are willing to risk safety and effectiveness for more affordable products.  We on the other hand understand that if we use top of the line products we will see better results and keep our customers safe.  In fact, most of the products we use are odorless and won’t require you to leave your home or leave behind any smelly residue.


We use an IPM approach to pest management.  This stands for integrated pest management, and means that we use a variety of tools, products, and non-chemical methods.  For example, a fly or pantry pest issue may be dealt with by investigating and finding the insects food source and removing it.  A rodent issue may be dealt with by locating an opening in a screen and repairing it.  In other words, we are going to find a solution to the reason the pests are there in the first place, and in doing so will limit the amount of chemical applications to a minimum.

Our Owner

Mitchell Miller has 15 + years in the pest management industry.  He loves working with customers and finds a sense of accomplishment in being able to identify and troubleshoot a pest issue and find a good solution.  He grew up in Camas, Washington and has always been an outdoor lover.  Growing up he could often be found down at the Washougal river in the summer or up at Mt. Hood snowboarding in the winter.  Now with a family of his own, he enjoys giving back to the community through his service business and the volunteer work that he participates in. 


He loves working with his team here at Eradicon.  He knows that good customer service starts from the top down, and doesn't mind getting dirty.  He has used his experience to implement the best treatment procedures and also uses the latest technology to make everything from scheduling your appointment to servicing your property one smooth operation.

Our Services

• Nuisance Ants

• Cockroaches

• Bed Bugs

• Mice

• Rats

• Carpenter Ants

• Termites

• Fleas

• Mosquitos

• Flies

• Wasps / Yellow Jackets 

• Box Elder Bugs

• Pantry Pests

• Centipedes

• Silverfish

• Other Common Household Pests

Other Services

• Structural Pest Inspections and WDO (Wood Destroying Organism) Reports

• Wildlife Eviction & Exclusion including Raccoons, Opossum, Skunks, Squirrels & Birds

• Mole Control

• Foundation Vent Repair

• Vapor Barrier Replacement

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